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Sometimes paths cross. {art} and Music, Genius and Insanity, You and


You ask yourself if it would not be better to just leave, but then you decide to stay at least for a little while, as you definately do not want to miss anything. Something exciting could be hidden, somewhere. So you start looking around, absorbing the uncommon surrounding.
Some time has passed, you start to feel comfortable. A sofa unfolds, loudspeakers are being assembled, emitting sweet sounds. You realize it being just the music you desire to hear in this very moment. Your favorite beverage is  served to you and wonderfully beautiful images are projected right into your synapses.

Could confuse. No worries, that is normal. It will pass. And in the end will stand a deeper insight. In case it does not, still time will not be wasted. You are right, no matter what.

> wait
time passes...

Sometimes paths divide. Ours surely will not. There is a reason for this: WE have been lookin for YOU. And now you are here. Now YOU are



~ we trust you ~

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